What are newsstands? Newsstands are the places where Pixelmags can supply your digital content. With a single PDF upload we will convert the PDF into the format preferred by each of your chosen newsstands! We will supply the content for you and then you can simply watch the money come rolling in.

    Apple Branded App

  • The World’s Largest App Store

  • Apple's App Store, available on all iOS devices, quickly becoming the world's most popular digital App Store. Publish your magazine through an Apple Branded App and reach a global audience.

    Google Play Newsstand*

  • The Newest Newsstand

  • Google Play Newsstand has become a favorite for consumers and publishers alike due to the Flipboard-like personalized reading experience for Android phones and tablets.


  • One Newsstand. The World's Best Magazines.

  • Readr, developed in 2013, boasts over 10,000+ issues and a unique subscription service which provides consumers with unlimited reading for a low monthly fee. Readers can explore and discover new content from anywhere around the world.

    Branded Webstand

  • The Universal Newsstand

  • Branded Webstand is our new customisable web-based Newsstand store, which allows you to publish your magazine for web browser reading. Users will be able to purchase and read your magazines on any desktop, mobile or tablet web browser directly from your website.


  • E-Commerce Meets Digital Distribution

  • Backed by their industry-leading line of e-services, Amazon Kindle Fire Newsstand brings content to the fastest growing tablet since the iPad. With free trial subscriptions and a wide global reach, publishers are able to draw in new subscribers and expand brand recognition.
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