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We're digital savants who love the written word and appreciate a well-placed ad. We live off of Red Bull and thrive off of candy. Creativity drives us, interactivity pushes us and advancing technology will always inspire us to be the best. With that said, you get a team of technology leaders dedicated to giving publishers and advertisers exactly what they need to give their readers; personalized and engaging content on the go.

Mark Stubbs

Mark Stubbs

Founder, CEO

Ryan M. Marquis

Ryan M. Marquis

Founder, COO

Benjamin Miller

Benjamin Miller


Mark Stubbs Founder, CEO

Mark's dynamic background in design stems directly from his tenured experience in designing, developing, and bringing projects to life for influential companies worldwide. In short, he knows a thing or two about making things look awesome.

Equipped with entrepreneurial, Internet, and design industry experience at such places as Lego Denmark, where he created and brought its products to market, Mark has become an influential and respected leader within the industry. But wait! There's more!

Being the car guy that he is, Mark's visionary mindset also led him to found Plugin, an innovative, forward-thinking design consultancy that, to this day, continues to play a major role in shaping vehicles of the future for such companies as Bentley, Aston Martin, and Bugatti. Mark also founded 3six0, which quickly became one of the world's largest royalty-free HDRI libraries.

Ryan M. Marquis Founder, COO

Known around the office as the unofficial Red Bull mascot, mastering every dance move from "The Dougie" to the "Superman" (with a little help from his son), Ryan is a digital entrepreneur with a track record of successfully enhancing and growing businesses through strategic online efforts. When he's not catching up on the latest YouTube video pranks, he's defining and executing integrated web strategies that stem directly from his diverse background of building massive Internet awareness and strong social networking for various brands.

Prior to PixelMags, Ryan served as Director of Digital Marketing for Bunkspeed, a leading 3D rendering technology developer. There, he led efforts for design and marketing communities that have become the standard for world-renowned brands including Gulfstream Aerospace, Motorola, LG Electronics, Hewlett Packard, Whirlpool, and others. Bunkspeed software is an integral part of design at Apple, Microsoft, RIM, Ogilvy, and is taught at the top ten leading design and art colleges in the world. Prior to Bunkspeed, Ryan also previously founded, launched, and sold two successful start-ups.

Benjamin Miller CTO

Benjamin is a Desktop and Web application developer with many years experience using Cocoa with Objective-C and WebObjects with Java, alongside over fourteen years multi-media and Web development and design experience.

His roles have required him to wear many hats in the office, including the strategic development and implementation of online publishing and digital content delivery. He also has been responsible for the identification of suitable emerging technologies and
their integration into the existing infrastructure.  In simple terms, he looks for the next "hot item" and leads his team to make the PixelMags platform work on it.