A Simple Process

From a simple upload, our I/O pipeline technology will deconstruct your magazine assets, then recompile them in the correct file format that each newsstand requires. So whether it’s a PDF with XML or a RePub file, the most enhanced content will be delivered in the correct file format and on time.

1. Upload

The process starts by simply uploading your content to our cloud based PixelTools - then the magic starts to happen!


2. Content Analysis

After years of engineering, this is the most important part of the process. Our automated algorithms understand the key elements and flow within your content.

Content Analysis

3. Content Deconstruction

This allows us to extract and mark up all your elements into articles and discard everything else.

Content deconstruction

4. Quality Control

Although we’ve built the most efficient and accurate tools in the world, there’s always the possibility of error. That’s why there’s a set of human eyes that check over all of your content. We will catch those unpredictable errors.

Quality Control

5. Content Preparation

This is where it all comes together. Every newsstand wants a different set of content so we prepare and bundle the most enhanced assets together for each newsstand.

Content preparation

6. Piracy Tracking

For security, we embed piracy markers within the content unique to each newsstand we deliver to, so if you do experience any piracy we can help close down the point at which your content is being stolen.

Piracy tracking

7. Distribution To Newsstands

Distribution to Newsstands

7. Distribution To Newsstands

Amazon Kindle, Apple, Google, Readr, Readly, Magzter, Zinio

Our Plans Pay For Themselves

Our pricing has been designed to be simple and low cost. Each newsstand you add will bring you additional revenue. The average publisher distributing their content through PixelMags makes more than $60 per newsstand per month.


Per newsstand.

Minimum 3 per title.

Cancel anytime.

6 Months (Save 10%)

Per newsstand.

Minimum 3 per title.

Billed every 6 months.

12 Months (Save 25%)

Per newsstand.

Minimum 3 per title.

Billed every 12 months.

* The monthly fee applies for each title for each newsstand that you choose. A minimum of three newsstands (or a minimum of $180 in fees) is required. $60 per newsstand, per title, per month is based on a 12 month upfront payment. $0.18 per download fee applies to Apple & Kindle Europe newsstands.

by the best.

We work with the biggest publishing companies around the globe, so you can be assured you're in safe hands.